The live music situation in Ireland remains in flux, with some venues (like Whelan's) set to re-open next month, yet other events like Live at the Drive-In being cancelled.

However, the situation in the United States - one of the most badly-hit countries in the world - is entirely different, at least from the audience at a recent Chainsmokers gig's standpoint.

The EDM duo played what was supposed to be a drive-in gig in the wealthy Hamptons region of New York state last weekend, and footage has emerged that beggars belief.

It looks like everyone simply abandoned their cars to get nearer the stage and New York governor Andrew Cuomo said he was 'appalled' by the footage, and that it would be investigated.

New York has been particularly badly hit by the virus and no non-essential gathering in excess of more than 50 people is permitted until August 20th in the state.

The organisers of the concert - which was a show for charity and cost $1,250-$25,000 a ticket - insisted that they had taken the correct precautions and issued regular reminders that people should not leave their cars unless it was to use the bathroom.

"The video that everyone is talking about was taken from an angle that doesn’t properly convey how careful we were to follow the guidelines created by the CDC," they said in a statement. "We did everything in our power to enforce New York’s social distancing guidelines and collaborated with all state and local health officials to keep everyone safe."

The Chainsmokers themselves have not yet responded.