It seems that we're hearing about more and more of these alleged plagiarism lawsuits in recent years - is there truth to them, or has the industry become overly litigious?

The latest claim is by British musician Paul Rose, who has accused U2 of stealing elements of his song 'Nae Slappin' for their track 'The Fly', taken from 1992's 'Achtung Baby' album.

Rose filed a lawsuit in a Manhattan court yesterday which alleged that Bono and co. heard his song back in 1989, after signing with Island Records. Rose had submitted a demo tape to the label for their consideration, which had 'Nae Slappin' on it, which eventually ended up on his 1991 album 'Homework'.

He's seeking a songwriter credit and $5 million in damages and fees from the Dubliners. As Billboard reports, the band have not yet commented on the allegations.

What do you think - does Rose have a case? Hear both songs below: