Christmas is drawing closer, and you're still struggling to get into the festive spirit? We feel your pain. Not even the constant jingle of bells and ho-ho-hos in every shop, café and pub we set foot in can change our minds.

How do you deal with your lack of festive cheer? Well, instead of trying to do a 180-turn and force yourself to conform, we say embrace the bah-humbug-ness of it all.

Below, you'll find 8 Christmas songs for people who don't like Christmas. Or, at least 8 weird Christmas songs that will make you laugh in the face of organised fun (we're not vouching for their musical quality, FYI). You can take your Slade and Shakin' Stevens, and shove 'em where the sun don't shine.

1. George Patience – 'I Hate Xmas'

"Spoiled brats with spoiled minds / Never get enough at Christmas time"


2. Zebrahead – 'Deck the Halls (I Hate Christmas)'

"I hate Christmas, I'm glad it only comes one time a year"


3. Spalien Acecraft – 'Anti-Christmas Song'

"You only get unwanted stuff and Christmas pudding's really rough / It never bloody snows enough, but it feels so f*cking cold"


4. 5inco Minutos – 'I Hate Christmas'

"It's funny how everybody's waiting for a flying old man with some creepy pets / Well, I don’t really like red, so I'm gonna stay in my bed"


5. Matt Toka – 'Christmas Blows'

"My grandma said she killed Rudolph on the way here / He jumped out in front of the car, there'll be no presents this year"


6. Medeia – 'Antichristmas'

Can't make out a word in this Finnish death metal band's song, but the video is pretty good...


7. Sufjan Stevens – 'That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!'

"Silent night, holy night / Silent night, nothing feels right"


8. FEAR – 'F**k Christmas' (NSFW)

"F**k Christmas / F**k Christmas / F**k Christmas"