Electric Picnic is over for another year and as always, it made for a truly great weekend.

But now it's over.

And we are dead.

We have the memories, and they are epic, but right now all you beautiful Electric Picnic folk are undoubtedly broken people with big weary heads on you.

Here's what you've likely been going through...


1. Relief

That moment when you finally get the key in your front door when you get home from Electric Picnic and place all your crap in some heap that 'future you' will deal with. You've made it, pat yourself on the back. And if you drove all your mates home, damn well get someone to make you a cup of tea.


2. Exhaustion

Relief is passed and there's nothing like the familiarity of home to remind you just how rubbish you are feeling. Your limbs ache from dancing, you may have caught a cold thanks to your not-so-waterproof rain jacket, and your liver, well, your liver isn't even speaking to you anymore.


3. Clean

Is there a more glorious feeling in the world than walking into your own bathroom post-festival? It becomes a magical room that not only contains a legit toilet that doesn't make you want to die inside, but an actual place to wash and nobody banging on the door to tell you to hurry up. Well, you may have that if you live with fellow Picnicers. Either way, the feeling of being clean for the first time in three days is almost as good as phase five.


4. Broken

Okay so you've washed, you're feeling slightly human again but suddenly menial tasks become like Everest. Was it a glass of water or a cup of tea you went into the kitchen for? Why are you even in the kitchen?? What's happening??! You get the idea.


5. Food!

Food glorious food! If you're anything like us, you probably spent most of your journey home fantasising and planning what would be your post-picnic meal. McDonald's or Domino's? Both.....? Inevitably your eyes will be too big for your mouth though and you will order enough food to feed a small army. The only hindrance to you and heavenly grub is that brief but dreaded moment with the delivery man. Stop judging us, delivery man.


6. The Fear

You are fed and watered and had your post food snooze in front of the telly. Suddenly, there's a pang in your mind as your old friend The Fear shows up reminding you you have work tomorrow. Like, interactions... with fellow humans, and using your mind and sh*t. Panic sets in as you worry how your delicate body can handle such a mammoth task, but needless to say, you will be grand. Once again, that's future yous' problem, besides, you still have that turbulent night's sleep to get through yet.

Mind one another out there fellow Picnicers. We're all going to be alright... eventually.