Forget your Mayan prophecies or your religious loons predicting the end of days from within the pages of the Bible, because the surest signs our impending doom has become known... and beware, one of them fights like her da.

B*Witched, 5ive, Atomic Kitten, Liberty X (remember them?), Honeyz and 911 have all confirmed their willingness to scrape the bottom of the pop barrel come out of retirement for The Big Reunion arena tour of the UK, based on the ITV show of the same name. There are no plans as of yet for an Irish date, though in somewhat related news Boyzone have announced a tour.

The promo picture for the tour (above), which looks like some sort of pop equivalent of a school reunion, provides a glimpse at how time has treated some of these faded stars. And apparently Kerry Katona is in Atomic Kitten again.

Speaking of the tour, promoters Live Nation said: "The Big Reunion follows their every step, as their worlds are turned upside down after years away from the spotlight. For some it's the chance to relive their dream, for others it may open old wounds as they prepare to face demons they thought they had buried forever."

This doesn't sound exploitative in the least, does it?

The confirmed lineups for each act are as follows:

5IVE (Ritchie Neville, Scott Robinson, Abz Love, Sean Conlon)
Atomic Kitten (Natasha Hamilton, Liz McClarnon, Kerry Katona)
B*Witched (Edele Lynch, Keavy Lynch, Sinead O' Carroll, Lindsay Armaou)
Liberty X (Jessica Taylor, Michelle Heaton, Kevin Simm, Kelli Young, Tony Lundon)
911 (Lee Brennan, Simon 'Spike' Dawbarn, Jimmy Constable)
Honeyz (Celena Cherry, Mariama Goodman, Heavenli Roberts)