Although a glance at his various social media profiles may have betrayed his financial status, rapper 50 Cent was declared bankrupt in 2015.

Curtis Jackson III, as his mother knows him, filed for bankruptcy after citing debts of $36 million and assets of less than $20 million. Not long before he made the declaration, a Florida woman whose sex tape the rapper bought, narrated and uploaded to his own website - won a $7 million ruling against him in a New York court.

However, it's good news for Fiddy - yesterday, his bankruptcy case was discharged after he paid a whopping $22 million (€20.5 million) of his debts, following a plan approved by a court last July.

$8.7 million of it was paid back with his own money, and the remaining $13.65 million was "received in a recent settlement of a legal malpractice lawsuit against other attorneys", according to Billboard. He had brought an action against his own former legal team after they lost the 'sex tape' case.

So basically... he's now in a position to lend you a fiver - if you ask nicely.