Eminem, aka Marshal Mathers, aka Slim Shady, used to be the single best provider of hilarious music videos back in the day.

Eminem's music videos proved that he didn't take himself too seriously (most of the time) - a stark contrast to his more recent releases; the rapper has grown up, and so has his music, we get it.

However, if you'll cast your minds back a few years, you'll remember a time when a new Eminem music video meant a new piss-take attempt for him. He never held back the punches.

5 - 'We Made You'

Targeting everyone from Jessica Simpson, to Sarah Palin, to Star Trek even - 'We Made You' was the rapper's final attempt at having a humorous music video. It won the 'Best Hip-Hop Music Video' at the MTV Music Awards 2009.


4 - D12 - 'Purple Hills'

'Purple Hills' is the child-friendly edit of the collaboration between Eminem, Bizarre, Mr. Porter and a host of other rappers. On Eminem's latest album 'Kamikaze,' he announced that the group is no more. Dancing toilets never looked so good.


3 - 'The Real Slim Shady'

Slim Shady's look at the time is why so many of us bleached our hair, and went for the short, back, and sides. Go figure that's what the song is all about.


2 - 'Without Me'

One of his many collaborations with music producer Dr. Dre, 'Without Me' came from one of his best albums, 2002's 'The Eminem Show.' Featuring a duo of caped-crusaders, and a break-dancing Elvis, it's the pinnacle of the early naughties.


1 - 'My Name Is'

Eminem's first music video was an early indication of what sort of stuff to expect from the rapper in the future. He's here to take over your TV screens, and to be honest we'd totally be up for watching a full-length feature of any of the shows referenced here.