We may still be under lockdown, but thankfully, the flow of new releases has not been fully stemmed.

That goes for Irish artists, too – and here are five new tracks that you should check out for the coming month.

1. FONTAINES D.C. – 'A Hero's Death'

The Dublin band have been one of the biggest Irish success stories of recent years, thanks to their brilliant debut album 'Dogrel'. Just 15 months after that album was released, Grian Chatten and co. will unleash their second album 'A Hero's Death' on the music-buying public this July. The album's titular lead single – with a video starring actor Aidan Gillen – bodes well for what's to come.


2. DIRTY DREAMER - 'Electric Sleep'

These guys have featured in our monthly lists before, so you may have heard their previous single 'Write it On Your Arm'. The Dublin band, which features members of Come On Live Long, continue their promising run of releases with this hazy, languid electronic pop tune.


3. ROYAL YELLOW – 'May the First'

Former bassist with Wicklow instrumental experimental rockers Enemies, Mark O'Brien recently released his new single 'May the First'. The song reimagines Lisa Hannigan's song 'Pistachio' and sets her warped vocals against a beautiful, elegant electropop background that twitches and glitches in all the right ways.


4. SKELOCRATS – 'Princeps'

Comprised of some of the finest musicians from Ireland's indie scene, it's been quite a while since we've heard from this Dublin indie-pop band, who decided to call it a day after their 2015 debut album. Following their 2018 one-off single – and perhaps buoyed to seize the day in the current circumstances – they're back with a bang (and a slight change of line-up) with this delightfully catchy 2-minute indiepop gem. A new album is set to follow.


5. KODALINE – 'Saving Grace'

Love 'em or hate 'em, Kodaline are now firmly established as one of Ireland's biggest bands. The Dubliners will release their fourth album 'One Day at a Time' – an apt title for the times we find ourselves in – on June 12th and the album's first single 'Saving Grace' is a characteristically emotional pop-rock anthem tailored to big crowd singalongs. Whenever they happen again.