Every month we'll bring you five tracks by Irish bands or artists that we think are worth checking out.

This month features experimental soul-rock, alt-pop, hip-hop and more.

Dig in...

MILK. - 'Always on Time'

This Irish four-piece formed on New Year's Day 2019, and within a few months they'd already clocked up a million streams. The Dublin band's debut EP – simply titled '1, the EP' – is out on June 19th and features a couple of their previously-released singles (this one is a good taster of the EP) and some new songs. If you're a fan of alt-pop bands like The 1975, this'll be right up your street.


BARQ - 'Dive'

Dublin's Barq have been around for several years at this point, yet never seem to get the props they deserve. The soulful experimental four-piece, led by powerhouse vocalist Jess Kav, have just released new single 'Dive' and it's another beaut; a song that shifts, wriggles and grooves with an offbeat flavour that's very much their own sound.


MURLI – 'Till the Wheels Fall Off'

You may know this Limerick-based MC from his work in acclaimed hip-hop group Rusangano Family; now, Murli Boevi is striking out on his own. Debut EP 'Till the Wheels Fall Off' is released on July 4th, but the title track is out now. A song inspired by the racist abuse suffered by a Portuguese footballer in February, it's a particularly prescient take on racism - given the protests and demonstrations taking place around the world right now – striking a stark chord while also finding a upbeat groove, courtesy of backing vocals from Denise Chaila.


R.S.A.G. - 'Leave a Light On'

After a long absence of ten years, Kilkenny's Jeremy Hickey – the man behind the Rarely Seen Above Ground moniker – has returned with one of the most impressive Irish albums of the year so far. The drummer and multi-instrumentalist's recently-released third album 'Chroma' is brimming with taut, jittery songs that have both pop sensibility and an eerie undercurrent, like this one.


BANTUM – 'Tower'

Cork's Ruairi Lynch aka Bantum is something of a best-kept-secret of the Irish music scene. The electronic DJ and producer has worked with some of the best independent Irish acts over the last few years, as well as releasing two stellar albums of his own (2014's 'Legion' and 2016's 'Move'). A collaborative album with the mighty Loah is allegedly on the way, but until then, this uplifting electronic dance number hits all the right notes.