The end of year lists are done and dusted, you've decided what your favourite song and albums of the year were, and now it's time to look to 2020.

A new decade of music is almost upon us – and we could well be hearing a lot of the artists below throughout it.

With that in mind, we've chosen 5 acts that are tipped to do big things in 2020.


22-year-old Olivia Devine formed her first band at the age of 7, inspired by the likes of The Clash and The Sex Pistols. Her taste (and sound) has changed a wee bit since then; her slick brand of electropop has been compared to the likes of Dua Lipa and Charli XCX (who, incidentally, called her “the motherf**king future). She's written songs for the likes of Clean Bandit and Icona Pop, but her own material - particularly 'Naked Alone' and 'Nervous' – suggest that she has a bright solo career ahead of her.



You may already have heard of Celeste; the American-born singer, who grew up in the UK, has been tipped for greatness in 2020 by many and was recently named as the recipient of the 'Rising Star' Award at the 2020 Brits. It's not hard to see why she's captivated so many; her laidback blend of soul (thanks to that knockout voice), jazz and finger-snapping r'n'b could well be the sound of next summer.



Apart from the fact that there are a LOT of vowels in her stage name, the first thing you notice about this Filipono-Londoner is the lo-fi jangle that will pull you in if you're a fan of all things '90s and shoegaze. Put Beatrice Laus in a modern setting, add a pop sensibility and you've got something that sounds halfway between Mazzy Star and Cat Power. With the stellar 'Loveworm' EP released this year, she's going to be huge in 2020.



No, radio DJ Sean Moncrieff is not changing careers. Instead, this young Waterford musician with a huge soul voice is gunning for greatness next year and looking to build on the very solid start he made in 2019. Having moved to London several years ago, Chris Breheny has sung backing vocals for Adele in the past – but with songs of the calibre of 'Ghost' and 'Like I Do' (taken from his recent EP 'The Early Hurts') under his belt, he's set to take centre-stage next year.



Calvin Harris has been a bit quiet of late, hasn't he? No doubt sitting back counting his millions and doing ab crunches somewhere. That means the stage is set for a usurper to take his crown – and that may well be Joel Corry in 2020. The 30-year-old DJ and producer has already racked up a huge hit (you may have heard 'Sorry' on Love Island this summer) and 'Geordie Shore' viewers may also recognise him; his personal training business featured on the show. He has been releasing music since 2015 and remixed tracks by Icona Pop and Shaed & Zayn this year - but will 'Sorry'''s success pave the way for a big 2020, or will he be resigned to 'one hit wonder' status and slink back into the shadows of his gym business? Time will tell.