To say that it's a fertile time for Irish music is putting it mildly.

Every month there are some fantastic albums and songs released by Irish artists and it's often the case that unfortunately, many of them are overlooked by bigger international releases.

With that in mind, every month we'll provide you with a list of five new songs by Irish artists that you should make it your business to have a listen to.

You won't be sorry...


Maija Sofia – 'The Wife of Michael Cleary'

This Dublin-based Galway native released her beautiful debut album 'Bath Time' last month, and it's rightly picking up plaudits all 'round. With songs based around historical women who have been wronged by society through the ages, it's bewitching, entrancing folk music that'll leave a chill in your bones.


Mount Alaska – 'Back to the Land, My Love'

Formerly members of the band Halfset, Stephen Shannon and Cillian McDonnell (pictured above)'s debut album as Mount Alaska is one for fans of acts like Jon Hopkins; gorgeously constructed songs with an ambient electronic crackle. This is one of 'Wave Atlas''s best tracks – a delicate piano riff gently tussling with the ebb and flow of synths.


David Keenan – 'Unholy Ghosts'

Get ready to hear a lot more of David Keenan. The Dundalk singer-songwriter releases his long-awaited debut album 'A Beginner's Guide to Bravery' in January and it's already shaping up to be a stunner – as evidenced by this rousing, soulfully-sung folk number.


Dirty Dreamer – 'Write It On Your Arm'

A new band born from the ashes of Dublin band Come On Live Long, this is a very promising start to Dirty Dreamer's career. With shades of Portishead in the mix, it's a breathy, toe-tappy pop number with subtle currents of electronica.


Jape – 'I Was Wrong'

You may well have already heard Jape's latest album 'Sentinel' by now - but just in case you've missed it, this track is a taster of Richie Egan's latest intriguing musical endeavour. The album's general vibe is much more focused on songcraft as opposed to the electronica-heavy stuff he has peddled in recent years, and it's all the better for it.