Are you bored with your current playlists? Looking for something new to check out this month? We’re here to help. 

Below, you’ll find five of the biggest albums set for release in July.

EMINEM - ‘The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace)’ [July 12th]

Guess who’s back? Back again? Shady’s back - but not for much longer. The Detroit rap icon is killing off his alter ego on his 12th studio album, although not much is known about it and apart from the singles ‘Houdini’ and ‘Tobey’, fans have been left in the dark. We can expect a few guest appearances, though; perhaps from Eminem’s mentor and the album’s co-producer, Dr. Dre?


CALLUM ORR - ‘The Trials of Knowing’ [July 12th]

Get ready to hear a lot more from this Irish indiepop/folk artist. The Dubliner’s debut album is a thing of beauty, hitting the sweet spot between trad, folk and indie, with clever wordplay and thought-provoking lyrics drawn from his own life experiences and realisations. It’s the best Irish album you might not hear this year - so make it your business to give it a listen.


CIGARETTES AFTER SEX - ‘X’s’ [July 12th]

The Texas band return with their fourth album, which is more of the same from Greg Gonzalez and his bandmates - the sole difference being that these songs were written about one relationship, rather than several. If you’re into meandering, slow-moving and meditative dream pop, this album ticks all of those boxes; just don’t expect something revolutionary.


TRAVIS - ‘L.A. Times’ [July 12th]

They’ve come a long way from ‘Why Does It Always Rain on Me?’ - quite literally, as Travis’s 10th album was written and recorded in frontman Fran Healy’s Los Angeles studio. The Scottish band have also re-teamed with producer Tony Hoffer for the record, so can we expect something suitably sunshine-dappled and upbeat?


GLASS ANIMALS - 'I Love You So F**king Much' [July 19th]

It's been four years since they scored a massive hit with 'Heat Waves', which became a sliver of joy for many mid-pandemic: the question is, what else do Glass Animals have up their sleeve? The English indie rockers release the fourth album this month, which apparently took inspiration from the mind-boggling experience of scoring a viral hit. Has it changed their sound? We shall see...