Picture the scene: in some sort of parallel universe, you've been transported to the backstage area of Longitude and it's a hot, sunny day – basically perfect festival weather.

You've just cracked open an ice cold can of Coke, and you've got a spare one in your pocket to share with someone from the line-up. The question is, who is worthy enough for you to share your precious Coke with? Who deserves such a blatant display of affection extended to them?

We've narrowed down the five best acts on this year's Longitude bill who would not only be grateful for your delicious donation, but they'd probably be sound enough to give you a shout-out from the stage, too.

Let's go.

1. STORMZY (Friday)

Obviously, Stormzy's dressing room door has to be the first you knock on. C'mon. Not only is he a man of the people (it's that South London upbringing) and a total boss when it comes to taking grime to a new generation, as you'll have heard on 'Gang Signs & Prayers' - but you get the impression that he'd appreciate the gesture more than some of the prissier types on the line-up and generally be good craic. Plus, if he wears his famous red and white tracksuit top, he'll even be colour coordinated.

2. THE WEEKND (Saturday)

The Weeknd is one of the hottest names in music right now, so it's only right that you should knock on his door for an oul' chinwag over a Coke. He may have cut his famous dreadlocks off, but Abel Tesfaye lost none of his power as you'll no doubt have heard on his brilliant album 'Starboy'. True, he doesn't really seem like the best conversationalist in the world, does he? However, in return for your generosity, he'll obviously provide you with some juicy goss on working with Daft Punk and Lana Del Rey, schmoozing with Selena Gomez and royally irking Justin Bieber by doing exactly that. Done.

3. KAREN ELSON (Sunday)

There are plenty of interesting facts that you may not know about Karen Elson, not least that she has a twin sister called Kate, was once married to Jack White and worked with some of the biggest names in fashion as a model before she turned to music (she has since released two albums, the most recent being this year's 'Double Roses'). However, the reason we want to share a Coke with her is for her bang-on work with various charity endeavours, from Save the Children to the 'Half the Sky' campaign. Let's face it: that combo of being talented, sound AND self-aware is all too rare in the music biz. Good woman yourself, Karen.



The former (?) Odd Future member is making a rare appearance on Irish soil at Longitude, so we'd best make the most of him by sharing a Coke with the lad. Still only 23, he' worked with a huge number of acts over the last few years and to say he's had an interesting life to date is to understate the case just a tad; just as Odd Future were blowing up, his mother sent him to a 'therapeutic retreat school' in Samoa (really) for getting into trouble as a teen. His career has thrived since his return from exile and he is currently putting the finishing touches to his forthcoming third solo album – so no doubt he'll have quite a few entertaining stories to share while you sip.

5. PICTURE THIS (Friday)

If there's one Irish band on the cusp of international success, it's Picture This. The Kildare pop-rock duo release their debut album this September and are heading for big things in the very near future thanks to sell-out tours and the success of hit singles like 'Take My Hand' and 'Let's Be Young'. This may well be the last summer that Jimmy Rainsford and Ryan Hennessy have to chill out, so let's be sound and share a Coke with them. They're the current nice-guys of Irish music by all accounts, so you just know that they're going to play a song in your honour to say thanks.