29 people have been hospitalised after falling ill at an AVICII show in Toronto last Saturday night. The Swedish DJ was playing to a full house at the 20,000 capacity Rogers Centre when, at around 10.30pm local time (30 mins before AVICII's scheduled stage time) calls from the venue were made the emergency services claiming that various concertgoers had apparently "overdosed" on alcohol, according to Toronto Emergency Medical Services Commander Peter Rotolo.

The venue's medical staff, according to the Huffington Post, became "overwhelmed" by the number of ill people seeking treatment and local news channel CTV News reported that 29 people were taken immediately to hospital.

Rotolo explained further to CTV, saying: "Unfortunately we have a few kids...excessive alcohol and parting and they can't handle it. There's a lot of people here and a few don't spoil it for the rest."

The majority of the people who fell ill were removed from the venue prior to the start of AVICII's set at 11pm. The rest of the show reportedly continued without any further medical issues.

(via HuffPo)