A New York College kid has sold a vinyl record containing just twenty seconds of music on Ebay for a whopping $5,700.

The recording was one of the clues leading to information about the new album by legendary electronic act Boards Of Canada. Internet sleuths began uncovering clues about the band’s fourth album, 'Tomorrow’s Harvest', after only a handful of the very brief, obscure recordings were released worldwide.

The student stumbled across the rare musical gem during Record Store day on April 20th. After originally putting it up for sale on Discogs.com, he decided to auction it on eBay instead. The auction, which finally ended yesterday, was followed with anticipation by electronic music anoraks.

Speaking about the auction the mysterious record owner said “as hard as it is to let this record go, nothing will erase the experience of pursuing the answer this record made me ask.". Boards Of Canada’s new album ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ is released on June 10th.

Story by Karen Lawler