Music videos have been an integral part of artists showcasing to their fans how creative they can be. And we here at are a sucker for music videos with dancing sequences.

Robyn - 'Call Your Girlfriend'

Proving that she doesn't need anyone else in a music video except for herself, Swedish singer Robyn is the ultimate dancing icon in 'Call Your Girlfriend.'


Jungle - 'Busy Earnin''

Jungle have become synonymous with amazing dancing sequences in their music videos. 'Busy Earnin'' was the funky group's first foray into a group dancing as an ensemble, one that they've continued with newest releases 'Casio' and 'Heavy, California.'


Sia - 'Chandelier'

Similar to Jungle, Australian singer Sia knows how to take a good idea for a music video and run with it. 2014 was the first time we saw Maddie Ziegler's incredible dancing skills on 'Chandelier' and the dancer has appeared in six other Sia projects since.


MC Hammer - 'Hammer Time'

STOP! It's time to crack out your hammer pants.


Michael Jackson - 'Smooth Criminal'

The choreography of 'Smooth Criminal' is so incredibly fascinating, it's difficult to look away during any of the nine minutes and 25 seconds of the music video. We've all got a favourite MJ dance sequence, and this is one of his best.


The Black Keys - 'Lonely Boy'

Alright, so the dance moves and choreography in 'Lonely Boy' aren't as complicated as some of the other music videos on our list - but so what? It's a feel-good video that's totally infectious with easy-to-follow dance moves. We'd be lying if we said they weren't used while tearing up many a dance floor in our time.

Britney Spears - 'Stronger'

Have you ever felt emotionally attached to an inanimate object? Well, here's Britney and her dancing partner for 'Stronger', the chair (who sometimes turns into an umbrella).

OK Go - 'Here it Goes Again'

The original, and the best. Little did we know that this would be the first of countless music videos from OK Go that would push the boundaries on how epic a music video can be. Since 2006, the band have gone a more complicated route, featuring more bold colours, and more dogs.


Fatboy Slim - 'Weapon of Choice'

What could be better than Christopher Walken dancing around a hotel lobby? Christopher Walken FLYING around a hotel lobby, that's what.

Beyonce - 'Single Ladies'

Did we ever find out if there was actually a guy dancing with Beyonce or not? Yes we did, and no they were both female. Beyonce has had many a famous dancing sequence in her time, but this is arguable her most iconic.


Kiesza - 'Hideaway'

'Hideaway' was everywhere in 2014. The music video for the song was all shot in one take, and was nominated for Best Choreography at the MTV Music Awards too.

Chet Faker - 'Gold'

Three women rollerblading on a motorway might not sound like the safest of activities, but it makes for one hell of a music video. The choreography was created by Ryan Heffington, who has also worked closely with Sia and Florence and the Machine.