It’s summer and festival season is well and truly upon us. Along with our gum and fun conscious friends over at GLT, we have you covered with our 10 tips to make your festival experience more enjoyable.

1. Bring a bigger tent than you’ll need

OK, this one is important. We all know your friend found a deadly deal for a pop-up tent and yes, it’s only a tenner but space is essential here. Tents get crowded fast at festivals and you don’t want to be stuck spooning your rucksack all night.

2. Don’t stress over the schedule

We all have that one friend who has meticulously planned their festival, has the line-up laminated and hanging around their neck. Yes, of course you will have acts you want to see, but sometimes it’s best to let the festival guide your way. Summer festivals have a lot of hidden treasures to be found if you just let yourself wander for a while. Trust us, this is where the fun is!

3. Don’t be gross

This one is pretty obvious, but it’s a winner. Clean campsites mean good clean fun. No one wants to set a foot outside their tent and enter a modern day millennial war zone. Waking up with a bit of a festival head on you can be hard enough so hang up a black sack and get a cleanin’. Also, have you ever had chewing gum stuck to your wellies? Not a good time. Bin you’re gum. Plain and simple!

4. Know your audience

Campsites are kind of like Game of Thrones. One second you are with awesome mythical looking people and the next you are in a war with undead zombies. Knowing what tribe you want to settle with will save you some serious trouble and make your time at the campsite a lot more enjoyable. Look, no one wants to camp next to the dude with the megaphone screaming “OGGY OGGY OGGY” 24/7, so choose wisely. Prime real estate fills up quick so get down early.

5. Get the hell out of dodge

This one may come as a bit of a surprise but hear me out. Ok, so you have had an amazing weekend, met amazing people and enjoyed every minute so LEAVE! Leaving early/late can be a massive benefit to helping keep you sane after a hectic weekend. You know that look of a broken soul as they drag their rucksack through the mud after 3 days of little to no sleep? Yeah, don’t be that guy. Get out early and avoid the crowds and get back to Netflix.

6. Stay hydrated

Again, we don’t want to hold your hand here, but just drink some water! It’s good for you. Ohh and hey, if you want to get very trendy, throw some cucumber in there for…well whatever that does for you!

7. Trust in the 'Tactical Satchel'

So, bum bags are a thing again. Yep. Who knew? But they are more than just a stylish item that your Mam used to make you wear in the 90’s. They are really handy for all your day to day bits. Phone, wallet, snacks - all perfect fits for the tactical satchel.

8. For the love of God, take off your wrist band

So even though this is a bit post-festival, just take off the wrist band. Don’t sully the memory of your good times by staring at a crusty wristband 6 weeks later.

9. Immerse yourself

Get in, see everything and bail. Becoming one with the festival buzz is not easy, but this level of Zen can be reached by those truly willing to dive head first into the discipline of Festival fun. Bit of Ying, bit of yang and boom. You had an amazing time.

10. Keep your friends close and your... Well, just your friends

Having a blast with your closest comrades is essential to enjoying your festival to the max. Look after them and they will look after you. And if you guys do decide to go exploring, have a meeting point. But above all, have the time of your life.

If you want to learn more about leaving no trace with your gum while on the streets or at a festival, head on over to to learn more.