Canadian rapper Drake turns 32 today, so what better way of celebrating the man than by laughing at him?

No matter what you make of his music career, Drake is a pretty funny guy. Over the years, he's surprised us with various appearances on TV shows and skits, from 'Saturday Night Live, to Jimmy Kimmel Live', all to make a fool out of himself.

We've put together our selection of the best Drake moments from Canada's number one export.


Drake has appeared as the host of 'Saturday Night Live' twice, and has also been the musical guest twice, which is quite impressive feat for a young performer. We hope he makes an appearance on the newest season, because every time he goes back to 'SNL' we are guaranteed some quality sketches. 'Drake's Beef' is one of his best:


Never forget that time he got the absolute crap scared out of him on 'The Ellen Show', the shows best gag that just keeps on giving:


Back when Mean Tweets used to be funny, the rapper got dealt quite a harsh 'Harry Potter' reference:


'SNL' took aim at Drake's 'Hotline Bling' back when Jay Pharoah was still part of the cast, tearing apart the rappers dance moves in pretty hilarious fashion. Donald Trump even makes an appearance, who happened to be the host that very week.


'Get Out' was one of 2017's best movies, and Drake took part in a video for YouTube channel 'BloopeReel' that parodied the movie:


Drake teamed up with comedy icon Will Ferrell for the NBA to show a basketball team how they can up their handshake game:


One of 'SNL''s best original sketches is when they jumped back in time to look at rappers before they were famous. Drake as Lil' Wayne and later, Jay-Z, is darn funny.


Jared Leto joined Drake on the 'Ellen' sofa to share some pretty big truth's about the life of a performer, by playing 'Never Have I Ever'...


'I Witness News' on Jimmy Kimmel's show just proves that American's will tell you their opinion on anything, even if the news you tell them isn't real in the slightest:


Finally, Drake takes a pop at being Canadian on the Keenan Thompson 'SNL' sketch 'Black Jeopardy':