She's still only 22, but Zara Larsson has already achieved some incredible career milestones – not to mention put some absolutely brilliant songs out into the world.

The Swedish pop star has collaborated and toured with everyone from Ed Sheeran to Ty Dolla Sign to Clean Bandit to Tinie Tempah, Kygo and MNEK, and has made her name with hits like 'So Good' and 'Ruin My Life'.

She's also been admirably and refreshingly vocal about her political views and calling out numerous instances of misogyny, and is generally a bit of a badass - so it goes without saying that we're delighted to have her on board our '10 Questions with...' series.

Her new single 'Love Me Land' is out now, and is the latest song to be taken from her forthcoming third album.

1. What’s the music that you listened to growing up, that you still listen to today?
I listened to a lot of different music since my parents have different taste from each other. My mom loves more soulful voices like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Celine Dion and such, while my dad is more into rock and classical. I, like most young people, also listened to whatever my friends liked. That’s when I found pop and hip hop. From the age of 8 or 9 Beyoncé has been my biggest idol.

2. In three words, describe the minute before you walk on stage.
It really depends on the show and how far into the tour I am. First show? “Nerves, nerves, nerves.” Trying to make jokes with my band to relax a bit. But let’s say I’ve performed my show for a few months, then I’m probably “checking friends stories” on Instagram 1 minute before, hehe.

3. How do you wind down after a gig?
I’ll chat with my band, laugh a lot, maybe have a glass of wine and a shower. Ugh, I miss performing.

4. What’s the one song you wish you’d written or recorded first?
I wish I wrote 'Lush Life'.

5. You can only have three albums on your phone/in your house at any one time - what three would you pick for today?
'The Gift' - Beyoncé
'95' - Beam
'Ultimate '80s Hits' - Various Artists

6. Name one record, one book and one film that everyone should hear / read / see.
I’m really sorry for this one, I know it’s a go to BUT I HAVE TO say 'Interstellar'. The book would be 'Crime and Punishment'. The record is 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. The classics, huh?

7. Pick the director and lead actor(s) for a biopic about your life.
Maybe Chloe Grace Moretz, directed by... hmmm... I don’t know yet.

8. You’re ordering take-away, what do you get?
Anything from the continent of Asia. Literally. I don’t care if it’s Indian, Thai, Chinese or Vietnamese. I have to admit I usually go for Japanese.

9. Describe your perfect day off.
I wake up, I go on a picnic with my friends and the later it gets, the more friends drop by, and by the time it’s 10pm we have a mini outside party with good music and good vibes.

10. Tell us, in one sentence, why we should come to your next gig.
To have a good ass time.

BONUS QUESTION: Recommend a podcast and tell us why we should subscribe to it.
I probably listen more to podcasts then music actually, funny enough. I like Freakonomics Radio. I’m not that into economics, but it got my very interested in how economics, and the human brain, works. Most of my podcasts are in Swedish, unfortunately.


'Love Me Land' is out now.