Hearing about a band or artist's influences and inspirations are all well and good, but sometimes, you just want to get to the nitty-gritty in an interview - like, 'what's your favourite takeaway dish'?

Our new Q&A series sees us throwing rapidfire questions at musicians to get their most instinctive answers. There's no beating around the bush here - just honest, straightforward insights into their creative minds.

Robbie Doherty has just re-released his new song 'Pour the Milk' after it took off in a major way upon its release last November. The song samples Suzanne Vega's 'Tom's Diner', currently stands at over 6 million Spotify streams alone, and has been recently re-released for a new audience.

The Irish house/electronic DJ and musician is planning big things for 2020 - so now's a good a time as any to ask him some big questions.

1. What’s the music that you listened to growing up, that you still listen to today?
Prior to house music, which accounts for a lot of what I listen to and create today, I actually listened to mainly rock bands like AC/DC, Metallica and Foo Fighters and more recently Irish Indie group ‘Somebody's Child’. I grew up being subjected to a lot of funky late '70s and '80s music by my parents – however, I actually listen to it loads now when chilling at home and take a lot of inspiration from it! With mum also being a trance music fan, I listened to a lot of trance and progressive house music when I was younger and still dabble into it occasionally today.

2. In three words, describe the minute before you walk on stage.
Which tune first?

3. How do you wind down after a gig?
A long shower before bed. Especially if I’m travelling early the next day, as it’s nice to wake up feeling fresh.

4. What’s the one song you wish you’d written or recorded first?
Dave Brubeck – Take Five

5. You can only have three albums on your phone/in your house at any one time – what three would you pick for today?
Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra – 'Classic House'
In the Beginning – 'An early taste of Rory Gallagher' (Recently got gifted this by my Dad) Foo Fighters – 'Greatest Hits' (Been on my phone for years now)

6. Name one record, one book and one film that everyone should hear / read / see.
Record: Boston Bun – Missing You
Book: Liam Beckett – Old School
Film: Back to the Future

7. Pick the director and lead actor(s) for a biopic about your life.
I’m not sure who I’d have direct the movie, but I’d ask for a good looking stand-in for my role.

8. You’re ordering take-away, what do you get?
An Indian - a spicy curry and some peshwari naan.

9. Describe your perfect day off.
My fairy tale day involves waking up to the sun splitting the stones (no alarm clock), a full Irish breakfast then chilling on the beach with friends, family and a cold bucket of Rockshore beer between us.

10. Tell us, in one sentence, why we should come to your next gig.
Because my gig won’t come to you, and for those who haven’t got the clippers out and given it the two all over in lockdown, it’ll be nice to let the hair down after we’re out again!

BONUS QUESTION: Recommend a podcast and tell us why we should subscribe to it.
To be honest I don’t listen to many podcasts! So I’ll recommend 'RA. 491 Sasha', as it’s got to be one of my favourite mixes of all time and it’s always got me coming back again for another listen!


'Pour the Milk' is out now.