Regan is a critically acclaimed songwriter from county Galway. Released in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, her debut album 'Hemet' announced her arrival as one of the most distinctive songwriters in Ireland today.

Earning nominations for both the RTE Folk Awards' and the Choice Awards' Album of the Year, the album received soaring praise, and led to performances on The Late Late Show, Other Voices, and La Blogothèque.

Regan's new single 'Winter in Eden' is co-written with Ciaran Lavery and features on her forthcoming EP 'In The Meantime'. It's a song, in Lavery's words, about "the quiet and content time in a relationship between two people."

As well as her single release, Regan has also announced a new Ireland and UK tour, starting off with her EP launch in The Grand Social, Dublin on March 4. The night will also feature special guests and support from Seba Safe.

1. You recorded your new single 'Winter in Eden' over Zoom and Whatsapp messages - What was that experience like as a musician?

It was really efficient feeling and it helped organize thoughts and ideas and gave us both time to mull over and explore the words and melodies in our own time. It was nice to just track the process too instead of just on wild voice recordings and scraps of notes that get lost we had a map of how we got to the end song. So yeah the lockdown opened up a whole new approach to co-writing that I really enjoy.

2. How have you changed musically over the turbulent last few years?

Hmmm, good question. I suppose like everyone, I've matured just with age and feel more confident and more comfortable in just writing music that I enjoy.

3. Who are your biggest musical influences?

This is ever changing. This year I've really found a lot of inspiration from Ted Hawkins. His voice and words just get me. I love music that speaks straight from the heart or feels that way anyway. And growing up Lisa Hannigan, Martin Hayes and Tom Waits would have been huge influences.

4. Describe the best experience of your career, so far.

People covering songs I’ve written and/or people telling me how my music has connected with them in a special way. I think that’s the root of success for me it’s not so much the size of stages or awards but the opportunity to play to rooms of people who genuinely enjoy the music and get something out of it.

5. How do you feel about releasing a new song into the world?

Always a little nervous. It's hard not to feel a little unsure releasing new music, even if you love the song there’s that fear that it just won't land or connect with others and that can be a funny spot for doubt. But the more I release the more I believe the sentiment of trust your gut. If you feel it works, then go with it.

6. Name one act that you would love to collaborate with.

Maybe Brain Wilson, Adrianne Lenker, Tom Waits? And producers, I'd be really excited to work with Sounwave and Blake Mills. Sorry I just can’t pick one there's too many people I would love to collaborate with.

7. Name one record that everyone should hear and why.

I think how you connect with a record is really personal so I don’t think there’s a universal album that works for everyone but I really love ‘Martin Hayes’ 2006. It’s the album I grew up listening to and would be on in the background every Sunday or for family gatherings. I learned a lot from this album. Also ‘Closing Time’ by Tom Waits – that was the first album I heard that made me stand up and feel yeah, I'd love to write my own songs ha!

8. What's the one song you wish you'd written?

Islands in the Stream!

9. You've spent a lot of time travelling back and forth between Ireland and the US - What effect did your travels have on your music?

I think whenever you have a chance to be somewhere new or outside of your known routine it presents great opportunity to grow. So just gaining different insights and perspectives from two different cultures plays into how I form ideas and navigate words in songs.

10. Finally, what are your plans for 2022?

Launch my new EP titled ‘In the Meantime’. I’m putting on a show in the Grand Social on the 4th of March with a full band, special guests and support from Seba Safe to launch and following this with a solo acoustic tour of Ireland.

After that it’s head down and right into album 2. It’s going to be a fun year, I hope! 

Niamh Regan's new single, 'Winter in Eden' featuring Ciaran Lavery is available to stream now. Tickets for her upcoming tour are available on her website.