He's a dancer, actor and rapper who is currently blazing a trail through the Irish hip-hop scene.

Percy Chamburuka aka Jafaris earned well-deserved plaudits for his excellent debut album 'Stride' last year. Now, he's back with a new single, 'Haunted' - a song inspired by the break-up of a long-term relationship.

We recently sat him down to answer our 10 Questions...

1. What’s the music that you listened to growing up, that you still listen to today?
Growing up, I listened to 50cent, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Bow Wow, etc.

2. Describe the minute before you walk on stage.
That’s usually when I feel the most anxious, I’m usually mumbling my lyrics to myself trying to memorise them as much as I can, 'cos my nerves sometimes makes me forget.

3. How do you wind down after a gig?
It’s dependent on what my plans after the gig, but I usually prefer to go somewhere where I can be alone and I can reminisce on the night while I eat.

4. What’s the one song you wish you’d written or recorded first?
I would’ve loved to be the one who wrote 'Get it Together' by India Arie.

5. You can only have three albums on your phone/in your house at any one time - what three would you pick for today?
Nasty C - Zulu Man with Some Power
Big Sean - Detroit 2
SZA - Ctrl

6. Name one record, one book and one film that everyone should hear / read / see.
Record: Get It Together by India Arie
Book: Unthink by Chris Paley
Film: For Coloured Girls

7. Pick the director and lead actor(s) for a biopic about your life.
Director: Nathan Barlow
Lead Actor: Damson Idris

8. You’re ordering take-away, what do you get?
I get either a 4-in-1 or Spice Bag at any Chinese spot.

9. Describe your perfect day off.
Waking up and creating, more specifically making music from morning til night. You said 'day off', but everyday feels like a day off and I try to create something everyday.

10. Tell us, in one sentence, why we should come to your next gig.
'Cos it’s gonna be a movie.

BONUS QUESTION: Recommend a podcast and tell us why we should subscribe to it.
WYHAPodcast which is a black Irish podcast that covers topics on the Irish creative scene, as well as cultural topics and current events. Aired on all platforms - but I recommend watching it on YouTube.


'Haunted' is out now.