They're a band that were formed by Lizzie Fitzpatrick in her small kitchen in Dublin back in 2014.

Since then, Bitch Falcon have steadily built a reputation as a live band to be reckoned with - and now they're releasing their eagerly-awaited debut album.

'Staring at Clocks' is released on Friday, November 6th so it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with Lizzie to find out more about what makes her tick. (Sorry.)

1. What’s the music that you listened to growing up, that you still listen to today?
A lot of music I got from growing up was due to an old copy of Encarta ‘97. It was a PC encyclopedia and it featured loads of clips of musicians that I started to love; David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Bjork and some others. It also had a class Jester quiz game.

2. In three words, describe the minute before you walk on stage.
Intense abdominal cramps.

3. How do you wind down after a gig?
I have such an intense come down after a gig that I nearly fall asleep. I think I get so overstimulated I’m like a little fainting goat at the end! The best way is to have a beer with some pals and launch yourself onto the next band of the night.

4. What’s the one song you wish you’d written or recorded first?
We Share Our Mother’s Health - The Knife. The song is just too much of a bop.

5. You can only have three albums on your phone/in your house at any one time - what three would you pick for today?
Low by David Bowie (will always pick this), Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart, Beach House -  Depression Cherry.

6. Name one record, one book and one film that everyone should hear / read / see.
Record: Low - David Bowie. I remember buying this in Tower years and years ago. I was a young lil tweenie bop and the lad behind the counter was very sound. I obviously went in and hung around the alternative section and held myself to a very high regard; such an alt girl, you know? Anyway the guy was super nice and recommended that album to me, I had only listened to the best of. Once I listened to that album I was hooked. There’s something just so weird and melancholic about it I'll never tire.

Book: Perfume. What an ending.

Film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Always a movie I’ll catch myself blabbing onto someone about, as if I'm a 1st Year Film student in the smoking area of the Workman’s. Can’t help it though, it perfectly describes the joy and pain of a deep relationship.

7. Pick the director and lead actor(s) for a biopic about your life.
KATHRYN THOMAS IS LIZZIE FITZPATRICK IN “WANNA BE” - Directed by M. Night Shyamalan (I’m still waiting on the twist).

8. You’re ordering take-away, what do you get?
Neon, baby, with twenty of those delish prawn crackers.

9. Describe your perfect day off.
I wake up. Hundreds of messages on my phone. Everyone just checking in to remind me they aren’t mad at me. Marty Whelan calls me and says, 'Hello is this Lizzie Fitzpatrick?' To which I resound a glorious 'Yes' - one he’s used to hearing. Before I know it, I'm whisked away to the famous Winning Streak set and I run away with seven sound nannies from the countryside and we all get locked on the job.

10. Tell us, in one sentence, why we should come to your next gig (whenever it may be.)
If you enjoy very loud gigs with a silly frontwoman, please join.

BONUS QUESTION: Recommend a podcast and tell us why we should subscribe to it.
I’d say Tony Cantwell, as it’s the only one I listen to because the sound of my intrusive thoughts are quite loud.


'Staring at Clocks' is out on November 6th.