Ah, the beloved one-hit wonder.

Over the years, there have been many hits on our airwaves that we absolutely loved. We can't get enough of the song, the artist, it ticks all of the boxes.

Unfortunately for some, they fall slowly but steadily down into the one-hit wonders barrel - and don't ever manage to get themselves out of it. Here are just 10 of the biggest one-hit wonders we could think of from days gone past.


"I'm Luke, I'm five, and my dad's Bruce Lee" - where did this lyrical gold-dust ever get to? 2005 was the year the 'JCB Song' infected everyone with its simple charm, easy to follow lyrics and simple melody. Nizlopi performed the song on Pat Kenny's 'Late Late Show' that year too and narrowly missed out on the top spot for Christmas number one to Mario Rosenstock. Luke Concannon, one half of the duo, has since released his own solo music.


Swedish rock band Caesars originally released 'Jerk It Out' in 2003, but then decided to re-release the track again in 2005... and again in 2006. The song went on to have great success off the air, featuring on the soundtrack of video games like 'Fifa 2008' and 'SSX 3', and TV shows like 'Entourage' and 'Dawson's Creek'. The band completed some European dates earlier this year.


Yolanda Be Cool

Every time we hear this song now, all we can picture are Will, Neil, and Simon awkwardly dancing over to the group of girls in 'The Inbetweeners Movie'. The Australian music duo are still making music today, nine years after 'We No Speak Americano', which sampled the 1956 hit 'Tu Vuò Fà l'Americano' by Renato Carosone.


The Buggles

When it was released in 1979, 'Video Killed The Radio Star' reached number one in 16 different countries, including Ireland. The Buggles themselves, made up of Londoners Geoff Downes and Trevor Horn, are both in their late 60s and have been performing together again since 2016. Could we hear new music from them soon? Don't hold your breath.


Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro's self-titled debut album in 2008 did not set the world on fire. However, his leading track from the album, 'Black and Gold', made much more of a ripple. The song peaked at number five in the Irish charts and garnered the Australian a Grammy nomination to boot. Today, Sparro seems to have become less focused on singing, having written tracks for Adam Lambert, and remixing songs for the likes of Kimbra, OK GO, and Penguin Prison.


Iglu & Hartly

What. A. Tune. 10 years ago, Californian band Iglu & Hartly released 'In This City' from their album 'And Then Boom'. Living up their album name, the band didn't make it past their debut and have been on hiatus since 2011.


Gina G

Another Aussie singer here, and she represented the UK in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway. Gina G finished up in eighth place with 'Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit', with our own Eimear Quinn of course winning with 'The Voice'. Gina G never went on to top the success of this single, and currently lives in California where she works on her own record label, Stunt Girl.


Fountains of Wayne

Such a huge song that was synonymous with 2003, 'Stacy's Mom' never actually managed to get a number one for Fountains of Wayne. The band disbanded in 2013 after 18 years, and the most successful member since then has been Adam Schlesinger, whose work has featured on TV shows such as 'Gossip Girl' and 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'.



Potentially the most annoying track on our list, 'Here (In Your Arms)' managed to peak at number two in the Irish charts back in 2006. Hellogoodbye are actually still going strong today, would you believe, and released their fourth studio album 'S'Only Natural' just last year. Beware of pushing that play button, because once this song gets in your head...


Wild Cherry

Poor Wild Cherry only managed to release one singular studio album, a self-titled effort way back in 1976. However, their tracks 'Play That Funky Music' and 'Nowhere To Run' have stood the test of time, and wouldn't feel out of place on an Irish dancefloor today. The band went through a host of different change-ups for the 10 years they were together, with each of the members going on to have various levels of success in the music industry.


Honourable mention - Father Brian & The Fun Lovin' Cardinals

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