The sun is finally showing its face across Ireland and it looks like we might even get a few days' worth – so what better time for a summer-themed playlist?

Whether you need cheering up or a soundtrack to your socially-distanced barbeque, the below will do the trick.


Let's kick off with a classic from 1991; if this laidback little hip-hop number doesn't evoke hazy days of lounging around your (paddling) pool, nothing will.


2. THE KINKS – 'Sunny Afternoon'

This song – as well as numerous other Kinks tracks – was tailored for... well, sunny afternoons. A song about forgetting about of your worries and kicking back, it's 44 years old and still sounds incredible.


3. ALL SAINTS – 'Pure Shores'

Maybe it's because this song featured on the soundtrack to the film 'The Beach', or maybe it's the imagery of the titular pure shores. Either way, it's inextricably tied to summertime in our minds. Can we also discuss how underrated All Saints were as a girl band while we're at it?


4. BOB MARLEY – 'Jamming'

We could have plumbed for the ubiquitous 'Three Little Birds', but this Bob Marley song from 1977 is arguably more suited to hazy, sunshine-filled summer days. We defy you not to feel a glow when listening to this tune.


5. THE BEATLES – 'Here Comes the Sun'

No explanation needed for this one: it's simply one of the most uplifting, beautiful, simple pop songs ever.


6. NELLY – 'Hot in Herre'

Okay, curveball – but you can't deny the fact that this song still brings a smile to your face, if only for the sheer ludicrousness of its lyrics. Despite that, you still can't help yourself when it comes to the 'I am getting so hot, I'm gonna take my clothes off' bit, can you?


7. CALVIN HARRIS – 'Summer'

The Scottish DJ and producer usually releases at one stormer of a summer tune every year, but none of them have been as suited to the season as, errr, 'Summer'. The disco glitz of this number is irresistible.


8. MADONNA – 'Ray of Light'

You'd have to have a bit of Madge in there. The whole 'Ray of Light' album is a brilliant soundtrack to a summer's day (except for 'Frozen', that is; although in Ireland, you just never know.) Dare we say it – but this is one of her best singles ever?


9. Lily Allen – 'LDN'

The Caribbean-pop bounce of this little ditty from Lily Allen's first album evokes memories of carnivals and sunshine – and although its deadpan lyrics are a wry take on a trip around her hometown, the chorus is undeniably heart-swelling.


10. COLDPLAY – 'Adventure of a Lifetime'

This track from Coldplay's 'A Head Full of Dreams' album in 2015 is a song to make you feel like you're on your holliers somewhere exotic. Enough said.