Yuppies versus Stooges

2019 Comedy

Genaro Rodríguez (Daniel Tovar), a young "godín" (a colloquial term that refers to low-level office workers), is a loyal employee of Kuri & Sons. His boss, Don Francisco Kuri, sees him like a son and trusts him completely with the business. However, circumstances change when Don Francisco dies and his real son, Santiago (Pablo Lyle), a spoiled "mirrey" (a term that refers to a young person from a wealthy family), decides to take over the company even if he has no skills to so. Afraid that Santiago and his fellow "mirreyes" will bankrupt the company he's worked so hard to build, Genaro bands with the company's other "godínez" to fight to keep their jobs. While being so intensely focused in their dispute, both groups lose sight of their real enemy, someone who is planning to destroy the company from within. This comedy by Chava Cartas explores class and power dynamics in Mexican society from a humorous and light-hearted point of view.