1975 Drama

At the end of the Japanese rule, Jeom-Rye, a daughter of a poor farmer, bares a son of a Japanese policeman Yamada, but she gets married to Park Hang-Koo and lives a happy life with their daughter, Se-Yeon, after Yamada and his son run away after Liberation of Korea. During the Korean War, Hang dies and then, she happens to meet Flanders, a lieutenant of the U.S. Army. She bears a mixed-blood son but lets him go with Flanders returning to U.S. Yamada's son and Flanders II, who became American soldiers, come to Jeom-Rye, who is working on a farm with Se-Yeon who grows up now. Accepting the past and present situations, Jeom-Rye behaves wisely. While Se-Yeon is meeting Flanders II, she cries with rage for the Communist Party.