Vacation Friends

2021 Comedy

When a straight-laced couple that has fun with a rowdy couple on vacation in Mexico return to the States, they discover that the crazy couple they met in Mexico followed them back home and decide to play tricks on them.

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by Deirdre Molumby
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'Vacation Friends' is a bit of a laugh, even if it's inconsistent

In ‘Vacation Friends’, Marcus (Lil Rey Howery) and Emily (Yvonne Orji) have the perfect holiday planned in Mexico, but things start to go wrong from the moment they arrive. They befriend another couple on their trip – Ron (John Cena) and Kyla (Meredith Hagner) – who bring out a party animal side to them that they never knew they had. Uninterested in maintaining this new found friendship, Marcus and Emily set about planning their wedding upon arriving home. But on the weekend before the big day, who should turn up but Ron and Kyla.

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