The Hairy Tooth Fairy

2006 Animation | Comedy | Family

Animation and live action mix to tell the tale of a kindly rodent who is kidnapped by money hungry criminals, and the little girl who makes it her mission to rescue him in director Juan Pablo Buscarini and screenwriter Enrique Cortes' captivating children's fantasy. When young Lucía (Delfina Varni) loses a tooth, her overworked mother Pilar (Ana María Orozco) and unemployed father Santiago (Fabián Mazzei) ensure her that all is well, and the Hairy Tooth Fairy will soon arrive to collect the tooth and leave Lucía some money. The debonair mouse known to humans as the Hairy Tooth Fairy is actually named Pérez, and Pérez has developed a complicated and rewarding system for transforming baby teeth into illustrious pearls. After Pérez collects the teeth, they are subsequently cleaned and shaped into pearls by hundreds of worker mice before being traded into jeweler Morientes for their fair weight in gold -- which Pérez in turn leaves for the excited children. Before Pérez can collect Lucía's tooth, however, he is suddenly kidnapped by a pair of scheming criminals who have grown wise to the industrious rodent's ingenious plan and want in on the take. Upon discovering that the legendary Hairy Tooth Fairy is in grave danger, the brave Lucía enlists the aid of her cousin Romiro (Nicolás Torcanowsky) in rescuing the frightened Pérez for the sake of children everywhere.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide