The Faberge Egg

2022 Comedy

In childhood, everyone wants - “when they grow up” - to become stars or world champions, generals or models, rich bums or simple astronauts. No one dreams of a career as a vacuum cleaner or scavenger. But fate has its own plans. Two childhood friends meet at the bottom of their lives. One is a loser actor who sniffs Chinese frying pans for grandmothers. The second is a gopnik from the district, has not dried up since the days of vocational school. And suddenly they have a chance to break out of the quagmire and make their dreams come true! To do this, you just need to steal a Faberge egg from the local museum of local lore. The customer of the daring robbery is a descendant of that same Faberge, and he has his own dream: to return the relic to the family. And everything could have gone well, only one of the friends falls in love with the wife of the other.