The Crew

2000 Action/Adventure | Comedy

There's no place like home-even when it's the ratty Raj Mahal senior citizen residence hotel in yuppie-haven South Beach, Miami. While sexy models cavort on the white sands posing for haute couture fashion magazine covers, four fossilizes former wiseguys: Bobby Bartellemeo, Joey "Bats" Pistella, Mike " The Brick" Donatelli, and Tony "Mouth" Donato, face eviction from the semi-squalor of the Raj on this otherwise posh strip of shore. Management's plans for renovations of the building, to force higher rents and attract a classier clientele, are squeezing the geezers out. Although in the sunset of their years, it's not exactly sundown, and they hatch a seemingly simple scheme to save their retirement residence. Comedy and chaos collide when the elderly GoodFellas' caper goes awry and inadvertently entangles a paranoid drug lord who is convinced he's about to be rubbed out by a mysterious gangland rival.

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