Last year we had a Fast & Furious racing game for the PS3 and XBox 360, and it was, quite frankly, pants. We were beginning to give up hope that we'd ever be able to play a game version of the famous racing robbers formula, but fear no more, as the launch trailer for The Crew has arrived, and it's exactly what the doctor ordered.

Starting off by showing you a uniquely customized car, that you'll pick and choose from yourself in the game, you then head off to complete illegal missions, staying ahead of the cops, other bad guys, and other players. That is, of course, if you WANT to, as you can hook up with other players in the game to create your crew (hey, that's the name of the game!), and tackle bigger missions as a team than you would be able to pull off on your own.

The best part is that the game is apparently open world, so you could create and start driving your car in New York, pick up crew members all across America, and drive to a job in Los Angeles. Which sounds pretty sweet to us!

The Crew is due to hit PS4, XBox One and PC this autumn.