Stir of Echoes

1999 Suspense/Thriller | Horror

At its most basic level, Stir of Echoes chronicles a skeptic's dangerous journey. The film tells the story of a simple man, Tom Witzky (Kevin Bacon), a typical husband and father, who finds his quiet, blue-collar Chicago lifestyle derailed after he is hypnotized at a neighborhood party. What started as a diversion turns disturbing as a posthypnotic suggestion releases a subconscious power Tom didn't even know he possessed, eventually bringing him face to face with a strange, supernatural force and a horrible secret. Over time, Tom becomes obsessed with the notion that there is a presence living in his house. Plagued by searing headaches, horrific visions and fear that his family is in grave danger, Tom finds himself compelled to seek the source of the visions, no matter the cost.