Sea Fever

2020 Suspense/Thriller | SciFi/Fantasy | Horror

Siobhán, a marine biology student, joins the crew of a trawler in order to complete her studies. As an academic, Siobhán is out of place and clumsy in this environment. A few hours offshore, the trawler ploughs into something uncharted. Panic rises — they are adrift with no radio, helpless and hopelessly entangled. As tempers fray, Siobhán tries to analyse the life form. Only as the crew begin to suffer a gruesome fate, does Siobhán realise what the creature wants. She must find a solution fast, if the crew are to survive.

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by James W. Anderson
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Sea Fever

It might take a while for this film to get going but when it does you realise how masterful a set up it has

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