2015 Action/Adventure | Drama | Suspense/Thriller

In this place, the nights are dazzling with rave lights, the days rock you with the sound of waves, the sand is similar to gold and the money is just a paper. You can live happily here and if you are really lucky, you’ll meet God. It is India, Goa, a place that welcomes people from all over the world, people who come here to find themselves – or to lose themselves. Eva, a daughter of a rich Russian, did not come here of her own free will: her father, in a fit of rage, put her off a private jet in middle of the night, at the first runway he could find. When the father came to his senses, the girl was already carried away by a labyrinth of human destinies. A guy named Makar from Novosibirsk looks for spiritual enlightenment – and he has just one day before the end of his vacation. Aleksey and Kristina say good-bye to their family happiness. Dimon and Lyonya, two small devils on bikes, test the solidity of the world with their experiments. A Guru (but you should not call him Guru!) named Kosmos gives people drugs that make your way to another reality very short – just one click. Here there are different destinies. Different people as well. But they all have just one Motherland. It is easy not to love your Motherland when it is nearby.