Meg 2: The Trench

2023 Action/Adventure | Suspense/Thriller | SciFi/Fantasy | Horror

An exploratory dive into the deepest depths of the ocean of a daring research team spirals into chaos when a malevolent mining operation threatens their mission and forces them into a high-stakes battle for survival.

Our Review

by Brian Lloyd
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'Meg 2: The Trench' deserves to be buried 25,000 feet under the sea

While exploring a 25,000 feet-deep trench in the Philippine Sea, Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), Mac (Cliff Curtis), wealthy financier Jiuming (Wu Jing) and his niece Meiying (Sophia Cai) are attacked by a group of Megalodon sharks, which leads them to discover a rogue mining operation that threatens to unleash a variety of deep-sea monsters on the world above...

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