2011 Drama

Ivan is an undocumented immigrant from Eastern Europe who is in Italy looking for work to support himself and his father, who has a gambling addiction. When Ivan hears of work on a nearby island, he makes the trip only to be cheated and beaten by unscrupulous thugs. When all seems bleak, Ivan is befriended by Martina, an eccentric woman who never speaks and lives with Father Enzo, a compassionate priest who takes in misfits and transients. Despite his warm heart, Enzo has a harsh personality which has only gotten worse since he's been bedridden by a stroke. Enzo's sister helps look after him, but he's certain she only wants to gain control of land he owns but uses only to keep bees, which are cared for by Martina. As Ivan becomes part of the priest's household, he helps make Enzo's life more harmonious and bonds with the normally shy Martina, but not everyone in the community takes so kindly to the stranger who is clearly not Italian.