Hexe Lilli rettet Weihnachten

2017 Drama | Comedy | Family

This year Lilly isn't in the mood for Christmas. Grandma, dressed up as Santa Claus, arrives and suddenly her little brother is the center of attention. On top of that Lilly is supposed to find out who The Servant Rupert was for her theatre group. Nowadays not many children know that in the past, Santa Claus used to take his friend along: Santa's Little Helper, the dark servant Rupert. But he was thrown into a dungeon by Young Earl Tetrich. Lilly decides she can conjure the guy up and just check who he is. Of course small dragon Hector, Lilly's protective companion tries to warn her, but she brushes his objections aside. Rupert initially appears as a grateful man, but instead of returning to his own time, he decides to seek his old friend Santa Claus in our world. He escapes Lilly and wanders the decorated pre-Christmas town. Seeing the, from his point of view, commercialization of Christmas Eve he gets furious and decides to thoroughly spoil Christmas Time for Lilly and her friends!