Boys On Film 2: In Too Deep

2009 Drama | Romance | Comedy | Horror

Created by gay directors and actors, Boys On Film features numerous award-winning shorts that deal with all aspects of gay life. Volume 2: In Too Deep contains nine complete films: Till Kleinert's "Cowboy" starring Oliver Scherz and Pit Bukowski; Håkon Liu's "Lucky Blue" starring Tobias Bengtsson and Tom Lofterud; Matthieu Salmon's "Weekend In The Countryside" starring Théo Frilet, Pierre Moure, and Jean-Claude Dumas; Soman Chainani's "Kali Ma" starring Kamini Khanna, Brendan Bradley, and Manish Dayal; Julián Hernández's "Bramadero" starring Cristhian Rodríguez and Sergio Almazán; Craig Boreham's "Love Bite" starring Will Field and Aidan Calabria; "The Island" featuring director Trevor Anderson ; Arthur Halpern's "Futures (and Derivatives)" starring Kelly Miller, Cam Kornman, and Bill Barnett; and Tim Hunter's "Working It Out" starring Simon Kearney, Paul Ross, and Glaston Toft.