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The Hardy Bucks Movie

Director: Mike Cockayne

Actors: Chris Tordoff, Eddie Durkan, Martin Maloney, Owen Colgan, Peter Cassidy

Release Date: Monday 30th November -0001

Genre(s): Factual

Running time: 89 minutes

It's always going to be risky taking something that works well in a half hour TV slot and adapting it for the big screen; Sex and The City, The Simpsons, even Charlie's Angels – in some cases it's best to leave well enough alone. Where The Hardy Bucks are concerned, however, this was a risk worth taking.

Beginning life online, before being picked up by the national broadcaster, The Hardy Bucks have amassed an impressive legion of (mostly male) fans. Having successfully filled a gap in the Irish market for self-aware, rural based comedy that perfectly encapsulates the Irish sense of humour (as well as reflecting on our current economic state), it's no wonder the movie makers eventually came knocking.

The Hardy Bucks Movie begins as we meet Castletown's favourite craic merchants, once again bored off their tits while the world and its mother seem to be headed toward Poznan for the Euros. After all, there's only so much drinkin' fightin' and shmokin' (and, as The Viper aptly points out, attempts at mastering self fellatio) you can handle before it all starts to wear a little thin. Not content with seeing his arch nemesis, The Viper (Chris Tordoff) headed towards the bright lights of Poland with two Ireland V Italy tickets in hand, Eddie Durkan (Martin Maloney) decides he wants in. Rounding up his troupe of misfit cronies, they set off on the road trip of a lifetime.

Much like Ireland's answer to The Hangover, it's not long before the lads encounter all manner of trouble; The Viper finds himself handcuffed (bollock-naked, I might add) to the back of his van, Eddie and French Toasht experience their own run in with some dodgy Amsterdam gangsters while The Boo goes off on his own journey of 'blowjob-in-a-beer-can' enlightenment.

Pushing boundaries that we're not used to seeing pushed (in Ireland, that is), The Hardy Bucks Movie hits the nail squarely on the head, wringing every last drop from the zeitgeist of summer 2012. Though it might not garner the lads a brand new audience (if you were a fan before, you'll be a fan again here), impressive performances from all involved with more than a hand full of memorable quotes - ''two of our friends are currently being held at gunpoint and you want to go for a fancy meal?'' ''well, I'm f*ckin' shtarvin'!'' - combine for a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.

90 minutes of non shtop craic.