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South West Nine

Actors: Mark Letheren, Orlessa Edwards, Wil Johnson, Frank Harper

Release Date: Monday 30th November -0001

Running time: 98 minutes

Set in the badlands of Brixton clubbing culture, South West Nine is a promising, if flawed, debut from former war zone cameraman, Richard Parry. Based around the exploits of a five very different people who frequent the area, over the course of one single day, their lives are changed forever. Of course, this being a "yoof culture" movie (and produced by the same company who made the lackluster Human Traffic), drugs assume a fairly prominent place in the proceedings, but South West Nine manages to make the odd salient point on the stereotypes that surround those who take intoxicants. The premise might be a little jaded and the narrative cumbersome, but South West Nine is energetically directed and makes for interesting, though hardly essential, viewing.