Netflix have begun to drop their Christmas movies for 2018, starting with 'The Holiday Calendar' which arrived on November 2nd. Other original titles heading our way very soon are 'A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding' which hits November 30th, and Kurt Russell's 'The Christmas Chronicles' this Thursday, 22nd November. Russell's movie is especially anticipated because, Chris Columbus who produced 'Home Alone', has helmed the new Santa Clause movie.

As well as all of these, Netflix has brought Vanessa Hudgens on board to star in her own Christmas rom-com. The storyline of 'The Princess Switch' is a simple re-hash of the classic 'The Parent Trap'. First brought to the big screen by Hayley Mills in 1961, followed by Lindsay Lohan's remake in 1998, it's a formula that Hollywood loves to adapt.

In this movie, we follow the lives of two grown women who just so happen to cross paths, and discover that they look freakishly similar. One week before Christmas, Margaret, The Duchess of Montenaro, switches places with Stacy, a “commoner” from Chicago. After Stacy agrees to let Margaret have a chance to live "a normal life", the plan is to swap back at midnight on the final day and go back to their own lives.

the-princess-switch-hudgens'The Princess Switch' features a Christmas 'Great British Bake Off' too

Hudgens, who we can't remember seeing in a movie since 'High School Musical 3', plays both Margaret and Stacy. Given that Montenaro is nowhere to be found on a real-life map, Duchess Margaret has been given a posh British accent; while Stacy has the typical all-American one. Hudgens plays both characters convincingly. However, there isn't too much dissimilar from both characters that really makes either a real challenge to play. While other characters refer to Stacy as "uptight", and Margaret "happy-go-lucky", they're really not that different except for their accents. Hudgens is likeable though, and it makes the movie all that more enjoyable.

Beyond any doubt, if cheesy Christmas movies are your thing, 'The Princess Switch' is the one for you. Right from the start, the movie is chockablock full of rom-com cliches. They will give you all of the festive feels; from a snowball fight, to a visit to an orphanage, a competitive Christmas bake-off, and even horseback riding - this movie has it all.

netflix-the-princess-switchThe Duchess of Montenaro, played by Vanessa Hudgens

All in all, 'The Princess Switch' will make for perfect viewing with your family this season. It's got some laughs, some romance, and some cooking - what's not to love? The movie is guaranteed to be a runaway success for Netflix for Christmas too. Their original summer blockbusters, including 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before', saw over 80 million users view the Netflix Originals, and we're guessing their Christmas hits might be another recipe for success.