Six women who met while working as waitresses at a pizzeria in Chicago have managed to stay friends into adulthood. They decide to head to Napa, aka Wine Country, for the weekend to celebrate their friend's 50th birthday. But tensions arise between the companions.

Just when you think Netflix are having a run of good movies, they go and release this crap. We can appreciate the fact that 'Wine Country' is Amy Poehler's feature debut (though plenty of actor-turned-directors have produced exceptional work their first time around) and that she and fellow cast members Tina Fey (of course), Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell and Emily Spivey are having a ball. But we're not in on it.

The comedy starts out fun while not being laugh-out-loud funny, but becomes increasingly dull and cringey. And it's a shame too because you've got a line-up of incredibly talented comedic actresses, many of whom hail from 'SNL'. Fey and Spivey's characters are just too weird to get on board with while Poehler's controlling, neurotic Abby is zero craic. In the supports, Jason Schwartzman is funny, I guess, if you find Jason Schwartzman funny. One saving grace at least can be found in Paula Pell, who definitely has the funniest character and gets a love story arc that is surprisingly bittersweet. Maya Rudolph's drunk scene is another highlight, among the few. Plus the hangover scene is very real, as amusing as it is painfully relatable.

Wine CountrySix longtime friends visit Napa in 'Wine Country'

There's a lot of singing of the oldies and the amount of wine the sextet consumes would definitely give the ladies of the movie 'Book Club' a run for their money. The average drinker will definitely recognise the lack of appreciation the women demonstrate for the delicacies of Napa. After all, it's all just wine, right? But there is one overriding feeling watching 'Wine Country' that you can never quite shake. It feels like watching your mom and her friends get drunk while you're totally sober. Good for them that they're letting loose and taking such pleasure in one another's company and finding everything so funny. But you don't get it.