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Pink: All I Know So Far

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Director: Michael Gracey

Actors: Pink, Carey Hart, Willow Sage Hart

Release Date: Friday 21st May 2021

Genre(s): Documentary, Music

Running time: 99 minutes

This documentary follows the pop legend Pink behind-the-scenes on her ‘Beautiful Trauma’ world tour as she manages the balance between being a mother, a performer, and a bad ass boss.

What strikes one quite immediately about ‘Pink All I Know So Far’ is that compared to other music documentaries of a similar ilk, it feels very safe and nicey-nicey. There’s not a whole lot here for non-Pink fans, and the magic that director Michael Gracey previously captured in his directorial debut ‘The Greatest Showman’, is lacking.

What does separate the doc from the rest, and where the feature is at its most interesting, is when Pink talks about touring with her kids and we see them being their adorable selves. Even though she’s working her butt off, the musician always carves out special time with her two children, Willow and Jameson, and ensures that they know that they come first. Pink also talks about managing the kids in very distinct ways, given they have such different personalities.

Elsewhere, we observe Pink’s hands-on approach when it comes to the various moving parts of her concerts. At one point, she gets a ramp installed onto an arena so that she is closer to her audiences and can connect to them more efficiently. She pushes back against doing these crazy choreographies while singing, spacing them out, knowing her own strengths and limitations. It is fascinating to hear how she does those amazing acrobatics and sings, as well as her background in gymnastics.

We hear a couple of stories from the Pink fans, but you would have loved to hear more. Pink also never exhibits vulnerability, as say Billie Eilish did in her Apple TV+ doc ‘The World’s a Little Blurry’. You could argue that Pink is just older and more self-assured. But one comes away more so with the feeling that this is all for show, and we don’t get much authentic insight into the harsher realities of touring. It feels thoroughly conservative, and from an artist who is renowned for being ballsy and risk-taking.

‘Pink All I Know So Far’ will also make you really miss going to concerts. In fact, ultimately, the documentary just feels like an extensive advertisement for future Pink gigs.

‘Pink: All I Know So Far’ streams on Amazon Prime from Friday, 21st May.