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Nobody Someday

Release Date: Monday 30th November -0001

Running time: 100 minutes

A documentary filmed over the course of Robbie Williams's recent European tour, Nobody Someday attempts, through the medium of backstage interviews with the singer and performances, to provide some insight into the life and times of one of Britain's most popular entertainers. Unfortunately over the course of this 100 minute dreary excursion, Williams does little more than re-enforce the perception that he is nothing more than a petulant child, suffering from an over whelmingly high opinion of himself and his 'art' (noted the inverted commas, folks). At best, he comes across a confused individual in a world he has no real understanding of. At worst - usually when he engages in some awful amateur psychology - Williams appears to be a pathetic figure, and one whose self-opinion is so deeply rooted in what others think of him, that it is frightening.