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Night Shift

Actors: Marc Barbe, Alexandre Carriere, Bastien Le Roy, Bernard Ballet, Gerald Laroche, Luce Mouchel

Release Date: Monday 30th November -0001

Running time: 95 minutes

Interesting and unconventional thriller in which a factory worker called Pierre (Laroche) is forced to switch to night shift duties to help his family make ends meet. The hours are taxing on his domestic life, but Pierre has more pressing concerns in the shape of Fred (Barbe), a well-liked co-worker who begins bullying him at every available opportunity. As time progresses, and Fred's attitude continues to worsen, Pierre's working life becomes something of a waking nightmare. Decidedly edgy and more than slightly disturbing, Night Shift is an economical film, boasting extremely solid performances and an intriguing premise. That Le Gauy is more concerned with documenting the problems between the two men than outlining their roots means that Fred becomes more sinister as the movie progresses. Similarly, the documentary style approach adopted by the director in the factory adds to the grim, pessimistic atmosphere. Although the final few minutes may not to be everyone's liking, Night Shift is compelling enough stuff and a fine alternative to the formulaic drivel that Hollywood routinely delivers.