Last Vegas

Director: Jon Turteltaub

Actors: Michael Douglas

Release Date: Monday 30th November -0001

Genre(s): Factual

Running time: 107 minutes

A group of old friends reunite in Las Vegas when Michael Douglas decides to marry a woman half his age. So along for the ride is Kevin Kline who has moved to Florida and lost the joy he previously had in his marriage, Morgan Freeman who recently had a stroke and needs to lie to his son in order to get out of his house for the weekend, and Robert DeNiro who has become a hermit following the death of his wife, and has a bone to pick with Douglas. Together, these old fogies show the young whippersnappers in Vegas how partying is REALLY done, as well as learning a few truths about themselves and each other. Also, Mary Steenburgen pops up to show us that 60 year olds can still be hot.

First off, this is not The Hangover, as this is quite possibly the least offensive movie any of these actors have ever starred in. Secondly, it is actually quite a blast to see these four legends on screen together, and it is quite a marvel that none of these actors had previously worked with each other before. There is an easy, breezy atmosphere to proceedings, with everything mapped out clearly from the get-go, and each of the characters given their own necessary dramatic arc, and each of the actors going above and beyond the call of duty for such a low-aiming comedy.

There are no real laugh out loud moments, and you'll be cringing just as often as you're smiling - especially in a scene where RedFoo of the now defunct group LMFAO strips down to a golden thong and hip thrusts his balls into DeNiro's face - but there is a very likeable charm about proceedings. Watching Freeman get hyper-drunk on vodka and Red Bull and then hit the dance-floor is kind of fantastic, but not because it's particularly funny, more because it's so clear that Freeman had an absolute blast doing it.

The film does hit some emotional beats when the guys realise the age is getting the better of them, and while every young person in Vegas seems to be a douchebag or major fan of promiscuity, for the most part Last Vegas lays off the youth-bashing and just tries to entertain. And it does, right up until the end credits, when you'll completely forget having ever watched it.