Director: Lynne Parker

Actors: Aislin McGuckin, Brian Doherty, Owen Roe

Release Date: Thursday 15th September 2022

Genre(s): Drama, War

Running time: 115 minutes

Hailed with four stars from The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner and The Guardian, Hecuba has definitely earned this high praise and more. Written by playwright Marina Carr and directed by Lynne Parker, Hecuba was first performed on stage in the 2019 Dublin Theatre Festival. The play is now a full length, filmed version of theatre company Rough Magic's brilliant production. Each member of the ensemble brings a raw emotion and a quite chilling performance to the screen.

Hecuba tells the story of the aftermath of the Trojan war and just how it can impact a person. In this case, a queen and her children. With her husband and sons slain and city destroyed, Queen Hecuba (played by Aislín McGuckin) is forced to wait on her throne to come face to face with her city's conqueror, the intense and powerful Agamemnon, played by Brian Doherty. At some point, you unknowingly find yourself in the mind of Hecuba, and ask yourself 'What will happen now? What is she going to do? What would I do in this situation? Would I ever face a situation like this? Maybe. Maybe not. But if I did, what would I do?'. Not only this, but we also see the intense interactions between characters that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Hecuba will be showing in select cinemas across Ireland this September 15th for one night only as a special event.