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Dr Dolittle 2

Actors: Kristen Wilson, Kyla Pratt, Lil' Zane, Raven Symone

Release Date: Monday 30th November -0001

Running time: 87 minutes

Some years after he discovered that he could converse with the animals, Dr Doolittle (Eddie Murphy) finds that his abilities bring a whole new set of problems - not least overwork which adds to his growing detachment from his family. But when a beautiful Californian woodland is threatened by unscrupulous developers, it's up to the good doctor and - in a rather convoluted plot twist that will whizz over youngsters' heads - a bear called Archie (voiced by Steve Zahn) to try and save the forest.

After the huge box office of Murphy's first Dr Doolittle outing, it was inevitable a sequel would be quickly fired off the conveyor belt. While Dr Doolittle 2 is hardly a great film (or even a particularly good one), it's harmless enough stuff that will appeal to youngsters. The special effects are staggering and for once, Eddie Murphy doesn't overcook things. You could do a lot worse when it comes to kids' flicks.