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Disco Pigs

Actors: Cillian Murphy, Darren Healey, Tara Lynne O'Neill, Brian O'Byrne

Release Date: Monday 30th November -0001

While hardly the masterpiece that some have claimed, Sheridan's feature debut is a relatively successful excursion. Runt (Cassidy) and Pig (Murphy) are a couple of wayward teenagers, rebels who have a distain for every facet of modern life - even conventional language. Born on the same day, they share a unique connection, but that bond is threatened, as Runt wants to explore other aspects of life - including boys. Due the fractured narrative and unconventional dialogue of Disco Pigs, it was never going to be an easy film to make palatable for general consumption. Yet it's to the filmmakers credit that they very nearly succeed; only losing focus towards the finale. Perhaps it's because he has played the character before, but Murphy is extremely impressive, echoing a real sense of menace and desperate longing. File under good but not essential.